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Bioloo Composting Toilets

Designed in NZ for NZ 
Our units are made from UV-treated polyethalene so very little work is required for external maintenance, and cleaning is easy. BioLoos meet New Zealand standards and New Zealand Building Codes and have been used by D.O.C. and many local and regional authorities for the past 24 years.

Domestic unit $4474.00 
Commercial unit $5342.00

Wind-powered Fan $311.00
Electric Fan $311.00

Additional evaporation tank to make toilets zero discharge is $736.00

Ground Preparation
You typically require a minimum area of 1.5m x 2.5m (for the Domestic model) to be clear so your builder can dig the vault section of the BioLoo system into the ground. An ideal environment would be clear of any rivers, streams and areas prone to getting water logged. It also needs to be clear of large tree root structures.



1.45m H
1.1m W
1.9m D



2.24m H
1.16m W
2.4m D